STEP 1. Gather the following documents according to the purpose of your trip:

Tourist  requirements

  • Original signed passport- must be at least 6 mo. valid and have 2-3 clear visa pages

  • One passport photo (2"x2")- can be taken in our office

  • One Application Form- click here to fill out online or download paper application. Paper applications will be charged $25 fee to create online application. 

  • One PPV Order Form (click here to download)

  • Copy of round trip Itinerary

  • Non-US Citizens: copy of Green Card

Business requirements


STEP 2. Document Pre-Check (optional): for more information click here


  • Passport Plus Visas Document Pre-Check Service can save valuable time and reduce stress. Use this service to avoid mistakes or delays. Our experienced visa specialists will review and check your scanned documents to confirm that your application is ready to be filed, and will alert you if there is information that needs to be corrected or if there any missing paperwork. E-mail copies of the documents from Step 1 to See fees below.

STEP 3: Send or deliver all documents for processing to the TEMPORARY address below:

Passport Plus Visas
44337 Lord Fairfax Place

Ashburn VA 20147

Tel: 212-759-5540

Embassy Fee:  (includes money order fee)

Price Per Visa Processed
Regular Processing: 6-8 weeks
Tourist or business                                                       

Passport Plus Visas Service Fees:

Regular Processing: 6-8 weeks
Tourist or business (multiple entry up to 2 years)  
Document Pre-Check Service                                   
Trip Registration
Passport Photos (two photos)

Shipping Fees:

Shipped by Federal Express                                             
$40.00- Overnight
$30.00- 2 Day

Delivery Fees:

Pick up & Delivery fees vary based on location. Please call our office for current prices and availability.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Questions about fees?

COVID-19 UPDATE:the Embassy of Bangladesh is currently operating and issuing visas. Please follow instructions below.

Travel Restrictions: click here.

*Please include our service fee and return delivery payment or a completed air bill. Incomplete payment, incomplete applications or documents and wrong application form will cause a delay in processing your application.
** The service fees are non-refundable, once we receive your documents and start processing them. Due to the high volume of applications being submitted, the processing times may be delayed by the Embassy. While such situations are beyond our control, we will do everything possible to accommodate your trip and will call you immediately to let you know about the status of your application, the service fees will not be refunded.