U.S. Passport name change for  adults

Use this procedure if:

  • Your current passport is valid for 10 years
  • You are in possession of original passport
  • Your name changed AND your passport was issued before the date of your name change

STEP 1. Gather the following documents:

  • Original U.S. passport issued within last 15 years
  • Two passport size photos 2"X 2"  (must be taken within last 2-3 months), cannot wear glasses
  • One Application DS-5504 (download paper version)
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate, divorce decree or a court order specifying name change (this document will be returned to you upon passport completion)
  • PPV Order Form (click here to download)

STEP 2. E-mail copies to info@passportplusvisas.com for final application preparation


  • Our passport specialists will prepare final application forms for you according to the latest regulations and will e-mail you instructions on next steps.

STEP 3: Calculate Fee (Passport Agency fees + PPV Service fees + Shipping fees):

Passport Agency Fee (includes money order fee): 

Passport Agency Fee
4-6 week process
Price for Passport Book Only
Price for Passport Book & Card

Passport Plus Visas Service Fees:

4-6 week process
Price for Passport Book Only  
Price for Passport book & Card
Passport Photos   

Shipping Fees:

Delivery by Federal Express:                                                   
$40.00- Overnight 
$30.00- 2 Day

STEP 4: Send original documents to the TEMPORARY ADDRESS below:

Passport Plus Visas                                           
44337 Lord Fairfax Place                                    
Ashburn VA 20147                                                            
Tel: 212-759-5540

*Please include our service fee and return delivery payment or a completed air bill. Incomplete payment, incomplete applications or documents and wrong application form will cause a delay in processing your application.
** The service fees are non-refundable, once we receive your documents and start processing them. Due to the high volume of applications being submitted, the processing times may be delayed by the Passport Agency. While such situations are beyond our control, we will do everything possible to accommodate your trip and will call you immediately to let you know about the status of your application, the service fees will not be refunded. If the Passport Agency requires additional paperwork or additional originals of the Letters of Authorization, photos, applications or any other documents from the applicant, the date of completion will change to a later date provided by the Passport agency. PPV does not charge for additional trips to the Agency. The applicant is responsible to provide additional paperwork and cover the expense of getting it to our office.